Our club is mainly dealing with paragliding and paramotoring but, thanks to our location next to a grass airfield in the very middle of Estonia, also skydiving and hot air ballooning are possible here.

Most of our online news are published on our FB page and one can find lots of video footage via

As there are no hills and mountains here in our flat country, we use towing and winches for lifting paragliders up. Hydraulic winches are durable and powerful, both for solo and tandem pilots, allowing lift usually some 500m from the ground, sometimes even much more.

We are an air sports club that definitely travels most, compared to other Estonian clubs. In 2015 there were in total 12 foreign countries flown by our members. Our tandem pilots make also tandems in different countries and air sports events. We have been invited as PRO pilots to Oludeniz international air games, have made tandem flights from Mont Blanc and, ascend with BASE-jumpers in our tandems etc. 
We are dedicated to ACRO and multisports, combining ballooning, skydiving and paragliding in lots of different ways... 

We own a sports hostel and accompanying facilities, there is a separate webpage for the venues

It means that both for sports and leisure events there are accommodation, saunas and recreational possibilities on the spot. Around the premises, there are 4 hectares of nice training fields.

One can order ballooning flights from our partner and come to skydiving to our neighbours at

And, as for the sports, annually there are paragliding accuracy landing as well as paramotoring competitions held in Estonia. 

Lennu Estate, Sargvere Village, Paide Borough | keelutsoon [ät] | Mob. +372 55 63 88 00