We offer tandem flights all the year round, if the weather permits. Usually we operate on weekends, except for groups and on special agreement. If the weather permits, tandems take place on Saturdays, 10-12 AM.

We are towing tandems up to 400 meters and then the free flight will follow.

Our youngest passenger has been 4 years old but, we suggest taking along children since 6 years of age. If less than 14, one parent must be present.

Our oldest passenger has been 70+, our heaviest 120+kg.

Here you can see a usual tandem with us - video
But, if one is willing to, your pilot can perform very quick and thrilling aerobatic maneuvers.  

Our tandem instructors make each year tandem flights in the mountains and during acrobatic events. We have performed tandems from Mont Blanc. Also, tandems for persons with different physical disabilities are done and can be asked for. 

Therefore, here are definitely most versatile and experienced instructors you can find in Estonia. We are not making routine business but quality flights for ourselves as well as our passengers.

Tandem voucher can be requested, writing to our email.

After the bank transfer you will have the voucher electronically or a hard copy, if you like.

There are possibilities for entertaining large groups for tandem flights (up to 20 people) who are renting the accommodation facilities of www.lennubaas.ee

One, who has a flight booked, can additionally order video recording from our camera. In that case, please take your microSD card or, you can obtain it also on the spot.

And, please take your voucher along!

Lennu Estate, Sargvere Village, Paide Borough | keelutsoon [ät] keelutsoon.ee | Mob. +372 55 63 88 00