Paragliding is not so popular here as it is in lots of other countries. Due to our flat landscape, only towing is possible, except some technically demanding and highly wind-dependant places for coastal soaring. Usually we tow solo pilots up to 500 meters.

There are 2 grass airfields where towing is performed in Estonia - Rapla and our Koigi Airfield. We are operating all the year round.
Also, sometimes we tow on the ice of the frozen sea or lakes - look at a video! 

If you are a licenced PG pilot with your own equipment, you can come and ask for towing here.

If you don't have your equipment along - no problem, there are different paragliders and harnesses available for rent.

If you are willing to learn paragliding here, we can coach you in English or Russian.

If you are willing to buy some equipment, it is generally at much lower cost here than in other European countries. (There are good prices for our dealers available. Several best brands are represented.)

Each summer we organize SIV courses over the water of Paunküla Lake here nearby.
This is a marvellous place and, for instance, all Finnish SIV courses are conducted here.
Full service can be provided for a group. Look at a video here! 

And, our club members travel a lot to different countries. Mostly, such trips are made with our own bus, enabling quite a low budget travelling.

Estonia does not have special regulations for paragliding, just Aviation Act and all ordinary rules for aviation and controlled airspace restrictions must be considered. There is no third party insurance mandatory here.

An experienced pilot, who is officially residing in Estonia, can apply though our club for an Estonian Paraglider and Paramotor Pilot Proficiency Certificate, issued by our Air Sports Federation. 

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