Powered paragliding or, paramotoring is what most of PG pilots also do here.

If you are a foreign pilot coming to Estonia with your own equipment, you can come to us and practice here or store your equipment in our clubhouse. All reparation for paragliders as well as paramotors is possible.

If you are willing to learn paragliding here, we can coach you in English or Russian.

According to our methodology, one must first learn paragliding by towing and after minimum of 10 towed flights you could start with paramotoring. The main requirement is that your take-off and landing techniques must be neat, before adding paramotor to your back.

An experienced pilot, who is officially residing in Estonia, can apply though our club for an Estonian Paraglider and Paramotor Pilot Proficiency Certificate, issued by our Air Sports Federation.

If you are willing to buy some equipment – paragliders or paramotors – it is at much lower cost here than in other European countries. (There are good prices for our dealers available. Several best brands are represented.)

Estonia does not have special regulations for powered paragliding, just Aviation Act and all ordinary rules for aviation and controlled airspace restrictions must be considered.

Beware, there are lots of restrictions here and, military fighters are performing low altitude flights almost all over Estonia. Read NOTAM or ask for an additional information!

There is no third party insurance mandatory here.

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