Paragliding and paramotoring trainings are quite personal and intensive, no more than 4 people in a group. For an English-speaking student, most probably your instructor will work with you one-to-one.

Minimum age is 15, body weight 50-120 kg and normal health required.

Usually initial training is made in one long day. It will end with 2 first solo flights. If reasonable or required, there might be done a preliminary tandem flight, too.

When several consecutive days are necessary, one can stay in our sports hostel. All normal hotel amenities are available, besides recreational areas and saunas.

During all your flights, until acquiring necessary independency, you are coached by radio.

Also, if you are willing to learn more complicated techniques or ACRO, our instructor can push you further. But, all development must be gradual and natural. 

After the initial training, you can rent our equipment and make your progress, just paying for each towing and rent.

After al least 10 flights you can be taught to paramotoring, too.

During that further progress, when you are definitely sure that this is your cup of tea, we can discuss when and what kind of equipment you should obtain for yourself.

Anyway, even for very advanced students, we have good paragliders available, as long as you are willing to use these.

Pilot Proficiency Certificate can be obtained from Air Sports Federation, through our club. One is to be residing in Estonia legally for at least 6 months and, has obtained a minimum level required of an independent pilot.
For non-residents, training and proficiency proof will be issued, in order to facilitate your further development in your homeland or elsewhere.

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