Our services
(card payment not available)

Tandem flight - 50€

Tandem video recording - 10€ (+10€ for microSD, if necessary)

Paragliding initial training in English - 300€

   (includes training and 2 solo flights)

Further student flights - 25€

   (ground handling and assistance, towing, rent of full flying equipment and instructor coaching)

Towing - 7€

   (for independent pilots with their own equipment)

Night stay in our hostel for club members - 5€

Paramotor training - by agreement.

Maintenance and reparation of equipment.

Factory check or reparation of paragliders.

Packing of reserves (round and steerable).


Our assistance

Through us or our partners you can obtain all necessary equipment, both checked second hand as well as new.

Some approximate prices:

Used paraglider - 500-1000€

New paraglider - 1500-2000€, many brands available

Paragliding harness - 400-600€

Reserve canopy - 400-600€

Paramotor - from 3360€, different configurations possible 

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